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Performing Experience

30 years and 4,500 performances. Kidsinger Jim's children were little when he started and now his biggest fan is his grandson.  How cool is that?

Music Teacher

Jim has 10 years of past experience as a music teacher in pre-K through Grade 8 schools, preschools, and special education schools.

Big Plans


Aside from continuing with live music performances, Jim plans to release additional recordings of his original compositions.  He is also working on a children's radio project.

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Founder’s Notes 


I founded to promote my original children's music and my live performances. I appreciate and value my loyal clients and am glad to now offer online booking for their convenience. As many parents and caregivers know, a child doesn't need a large venue and a huge production to be entertained. To a child, a music performance or puppet show in a small venue can be just as magical as an arena rock concert or a Broadway show. 

 Jim Hossick, a.k.a. "Kidsinger Jim" 

Kidsinger LLC | P.O. Box 1014 | Bowie, MD | 20718 |

Tel: 888-Kids-Music (543-7687)

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